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About Us

Perucocatea.com is an online shop that offers high quality and 100% natural and authentic Peruvian Coca products in the form of coca tea bags, coca powder and coca leaves.  Our products comes all the way from Peru, famous for its sacred Inka coca leaves.

Coca tea provides for a unique taste that is equal to the best green teas. In fact, you will be surprised to learn that coca has traditionally been used as a health stimulant to overcome thirst, hunger and fatigue.  It has also been used to alleviate the pain of rheumatism, headaches, sores and wounds.  It was popularly used as treatment for ulcers, asthma, malaria, indigestion and bowel laxity. For those who yearn for a healthier and longer life, coca has been credited with improving longevity.

So shop with us and begin your journey towards a healthier and longer life.