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The Correct Way to Chew Coca Leaves

The Correct Way to Chew Coca Leaves

Write By: perucocatea Published In: Health Information Created Date: 2016-12-13 Hits: 152 Comment: 0

Learn how to correctly chew Coca Leaves

Follow these steps for the correct way of chewing coca leaves:

  • First remove the stems of the coca leaves as it can hurt the inside of the cheek.
  • Place the coca leaves one by one into the cheek, slowing forming into a small saliva-generating ball which you just leave there.
  • Once there is a substantial amount of coca leaves accumulated inside the cheek, activate the alkaloids inside them so as to feel the effect.  Either use bicarbonate powder or lejia which is sweet-tasting combination of ash and flavour.  The mild stimulant effects of the coca leaves can last for housr with just a tiny nip every 15 minutes or so.