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Free from Osteoporosis with Peru Coca Leaf

Free from Osteoporosis with Peru Coca Leaf

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Osteoporosis free with Peru Coca Leaf!

Many of us are unaware that gram per gram of coca leaves in comparison to milk, the coca leaves put milk to shame especially in the calcium content area.

Base on one research, there is a large amount of calcium within 100 grams of dried coca leaves, 2196 mg versus 120 mg only found in fresh cow milk.  This is an astounding 18.3 times more calcium   content.  The 100 grams of coca leaves also contain as much vitamin A as carrots, also contains B-12 and B complex which helps in improving the assimilation of food, mood and the nervous system as well as significant amounts of potassium, magnesium, zinc among many others.

In fact, in 1975 Harvard University published a very important study (Duke,J.,D.Aulik and T. Plowman.  Nutritional Value of Coca) which found the coca leaf (either tea, powder or leaf forms) having a large amount of nutrients and that each 100 grams of coca leaves contain Calcium – 1749 mg, Phosphor – 637 mg, Vitamin A – 10000 iu, which is sufficient to satisfy the nutritional needs of an adult for 24 hours.

Comparing with many other foods, the coca leaf has the biggest amount of calcium hence is considered a good solution for health problems like osteoporosis.

A nutritionist Maritza Vera, attached to a Peruvian hospital, had successes with patients who actually cured themselves of diverse diseases such as depression, chronic anemia, osteoporosis and even leukemia, simply by adding coca flour or coca powder (toasted or ground coca leaves) to their foods.  She mentions that coca contains “reserpina’ which helps in regulating the pressure and forming osteoblast hence for that reason acts in patients suffering from osteoporosis.

To help assist in the absorption of calcium into our body, we would need the following:

  • Vitamins D and K
  • Nutrients like magnesium, zinc, potassium and boro – all these exist in the coca leaf composition.
  • Regular exercises

So take charge of your osteoporosis problem and lead a healthy and quality lifestyle.