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Coca Leaf Miracle Remedy for Obesity

Coca Leaf Miracle Remedy for Obesity

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The miracle cure of using Peru Coca Tea to combat obesity!

Discover the miraculous remedy of using coca leaves to combat obesity and to reach longevity.  Three years ago, a Japanese doctor, Dr Kunishiro Seki, discovered that the secret in combating obesity and reaching longevity actually lies within the coca leaves.  After consuming coca leaves, he found that it had helped him in controlling his weight, increasing his energy and decreasing the diabetes in his own body.  These effects on his body, triggered him to begin a research on this traditional millennial coca leaf.  His research led him to conclude that the consumption of coca leaves can help in reducing the alimentary ingestion and reducing overfeeding without causing malnutrition.

The chewing of coca leaves can actually help in increasing the feeling of satiety, reducing tiredness and increasing the capacity of concentration.  Coca leaves also allows for a diet without any caloric restrictions hence resulting in reduction of the corporal weight.

Dr Kunishiro mentioned that the coca leaves contain several nutritional factors such as carbohydrates, iron, calcium, phosphorus, protein and vitamins with proportions even bigger than fish, milk and spinach.

In the year 1975, researchers in Harvard University made a conclusion that coca leaves contain nutritional values that are similar to corn and quinoa and that it was a perfect aliment as well due to the small amount of organic salts and calories as well as high amounts of dietary fiber and vitamins in the coca leaves.

Dr Kunishiro explained the root cause of weight gain is the inability to control appetite.  There are numerous diets which claim to be able to help in weight reduction however when the diet is stopped weight gain starts immediately.  This is something that will not happen with coca leaves as they help in stimulating the satiety center hence does not need consumption of extra calories.

The long-established efficacy of Coca leaf tea in treating not only obesity but also a wider range of other diseases and conditions are still not widely known by people.  It is a fact that as far back as the 1700’s through the early 20th century, tinctures and infusions of natural, unadulterated Coca leaves have been viewed as a miracle cure.  Everyone from the Pope and the Queen of England to the hardworking labourers and farmers had used Coca tea to control hunger, clarify the mind, alleviate fatigue, provide long-lasting energy boost and increase longevity.