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Coca Exfoliant to Transform your Skin

Coca Exfoliant to Transform your Skin

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Transform to a healthy beautiful skin with Coca Exfoliant!

Pamper yourself by giving yourself a chance to transform your skin into a new, healthy and beautiful skin with this special homemade and natural exfoliant made from Peru Coca Leaf powder.  When massaged into the skin, the skin-nourishing proteins and antioxidants of the Coca Powder can help boost blood circulation, help skin tone and wipe away dead skin cells.  The Peruvian Coca Powder is a natural stimulant and contains vitamins and minerals that can help to detoxify and improve the body’s blood circulation.

The Coca Leaf powder can also help increase skin activity, free blood from waste and repair skin tissue.  It simply makes blood better and healthy blood makes healthy tissue. Coca Powder has been found to be an effective remedy for many skin disorders such as herpes, rosacea, eczema and dermatitis.

 Try this easy way of making your own natural Coca Leaf Powder exfoliant.

Coca Powder Exfoliant


·         Coca powder

·         White Sugar

·         Coca Leaf Oil

·         Mint Oil


  1. Place the Coca powder and white sugar into a bowl and mix well until you get a uniform texture.
  2. Add in the Coca Leaf oil.  At this stage, you will notice the natural Coca exfoliant taking on a greenish color.  Continue mixing well.
  3. Add a few drops of mint oil and mix well again.

How to make Coca Leaf Oil

·         Pour in a dark recipient of either the coca powder or the coca leaves and sink them in olive oil.

·         Cover it then leave it in a dark place of about 30 days to macerate it well.  Regularly take it out and shake.

After 30 days, filter the contents out with a very fine fabric.  You will notice the oil taking on a very beautiful coca leaf Green color.  This is how you make your very own Coca Leaf Oil.