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Llipta / Leija Powder

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Llipta powder also known as lejia, legia, llujta powder is a mixture fromed by sweet potato, quinoa cereals, lime, carbonates, citrates, magnesium and/or vegetable ash normally anise.  It is often used to power the extraction of coca alkaloids and benefits. Llipta helps in softening the leaves' astringent flavour and activating the alkaloids.

You will just need a small pinch of llipta or leija powder to combine with either coca flour or coca tea per serving as just chewing the leaves without llipta has significantly much less effect.  There is no need to chew a lot, you just need to suck the juice derived from mixing the leaves and llipta.  You just need to continue to form the ball and swallow the juice until there is no juice left then you just spit it all out and start all over again.  Llipta or Leija can ONLY be used for direct mouth consumption and should not be brewed together with coca tea bags or coca powder.

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